Online e-Library

NIBM digital library, the fully fledged online learning platform has been designed for the use of its learning community, providing free access to school students in both O/L & A/L classes and for professionals in different industries in Sri Lanka and abroad. NIBM learners and the public can access, and everyone can go through e-books, past papers, model exam papers, e-Journals, syllabi, educational videos, e-newspapers, news, and events of NIBM and many more resources.

NIBM e-Hub offers IT services for three main categories of learners; namely NIBM students, O/L and A/L students and professionals who are employed in different industries.

Access from Anywhere

An online library can be accessed anywhere in the world by anyone with a computer. Patrons of an online library aren't confined to a set geographical area, which means that the library can serve countless more people--basically, anyone who has a computer, Internet access and the correct URL for the online library can take advantage of its many offerings.

More About Us

Industry professionals and the public are offered a wide range of publications spanning from content based on their field of work, literature classics to magazines and journals. Some of main subject areas include Accountancy, Advertising, Agribusiness, Auditing, Automobile, Ayurvedic Medicine, Banking and Finance, Business Management, Career Development and Career Studies, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Consumer Finance, E-Commerce, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Export and Import, Fashion and Beauty, Film and Music, Food and Nutrition, Garments, Health and Fitness, Home and Garden, Hospitality, Human Resource Management (HRM), Industrialization, Insurance, Interior Design, Law, Manufacturing, Marketing, Media, Photography, Physics, Production Management, Quality Management, Quantity Surveying, Taxation, Tourism and many more. We invite all the professionals and the public to join our e-hub and make use of its resources free of charge.

  • No physical boundaries.
  • The user does not need to go to the library physically.
  • People from all over the world can gain access to the same information, as long as an Internet connection is available.
  • 24-7 Round the clock availability. People can gain access to the information at any time, night, or day.
  • Multiple accesses.
  • The same resources can be used at the same time by several users.
  • Structured approach - Provide access to much richer content in a more structured manner, i.e., we can easily move from the catalog to the book then to a particular chapter and so on.
  • Information retrieval. The user can use any search term (word, phrase, title, name, subject) to search the entire collection.
  • Provide very user-friendly interfaces, giving clickable access to its resources.